We are calling on members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and our supporters to stand with us on Invasion Day 2019 - Saturday January 26th, an Annual Day of Protest.

We will stand together and march together as our Elders have for the last 81 years this January 26 to protest the ongoing colonial violence on our people.

This Invasion Day 2019 we want this violent colony of so-called australia to know we do NOT accept;

-Our children being forcibly removed from their families and communities;

- Racist and discriminatory policing practices and courts which incarcerate our people at the highest levels in the world;

-Our people being killed at the hands of police, prisons, hospitals and healthcare providers.

- Our sacred sites, cultural heritage sites, and our trees being destroyed with our country used an ATM for mining companies and the gubbament

-Gammin politicians and political parties trying to sell constitutional recognition without consent after our community has rejected it.

We will not celebrate Australia - we call for the abolishment of ‘Australia Day’ - we will not celebrate so-called Australia, which is built on the stealing of our lands and the massacres of our people.

We have no justice in this country, and we still face systemic racism and ongoing violence at the hands of the australian state.

That is why we protest, and that is why we march.

Please join us this Invasion Day and condemn the ongoing violence, ongoing theft, and ongoing discrimination we as Indigenous people across so-called australia face.

This is a child-friendly event. We encourage everyone to bring banners, noisemakers and their voices and stand with us this January 26th.

Our facebook events are no indication of number of people attending actual event. Our usual FB event will typically show half or less then actual peoples attend. 5,000 on FB and 75,000 in attendance 

Alternatively donate directly ANZ

Account Name : RISE WAR 

BSB: 013128 

A/N : 220584933